What is Assisi Space ?

Assisi Space is an international site that has been created out of the love I feel for Assisi. A love which has touched my heart. English is the main language on the site, but it can also be viewed in Italian, German and Danish.

On Assisi Space, you can read comments and stories, as well as see pictures, about life in a historic medieval town. You can find different information, which may be of interest to you.

Elna Breinholt


The spark and the Inner Light

It is Sunday and the sun shines from a cloudless sky.

I decided to drive up the mountain but later changed my mind as the car needed gas. Instead of driving down to the valley to fill up my tank, I chose to drive to Santa Croce, below the Basilica di San Francesco. There are woods, trails, nature, streams, newly restored buildings, a...

Bernardo and Frans of Assisi

Recently, I had the opportunity of visiting a family chapel here in Assisi. The chapel is located in the chamber where Francis and Bernardo da Quintavalle slept together one night. The room is the same as it was then, except it has been converted into a chapel. I was moved by being there and somehow witnessed a story more than 800 hundred years...

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